nukemanyellowButtonThe Three Mile Island Scooter Club was founded in 2002 to promote scooter riding as the best form of transportation known to modern man, and beer consumption as the best preventative measure against radiation exposure. Scooterists of all shapes, sizes, sexes and twisted political viewpoints are welcome to join us for rides, conversation and anti-radiation therapy.

During the global warming part of the year, when the living is easy and scooters are swarming, we meet every Wednesday at Negley Park in Lemoyne. We will be at the parking lot. From there, we will ride out to a locale where the beer is cold and the food is tolerable.

During the time of year know as “Gore-bal Warming” — meaning that the temperature is much colder than it ought to be, and scootering is often a challenge — we will meet at 6:30 as listed below.

Feel free to join us on for all the Club communications on our Facebook Group AND Yahoo Group AND Facebook Page too!! Of course you can Email us!

Summertime Riding Season
Negley Park in Lemoyne
Start and end dates posted on Events Calendar as well as Yahoo & Facebook Groups.

First Wednesday (colder season)
The Coliseum
415 St. John Church Road, Camp Hill
Bring your “A” game of bowling

Third Wednesday (colder season)
Location will be posted on the Events Calendar as well as Yahoo & Facebook Groups.
Different location each time

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