Meltdown 2018

Rallies are an integral part of the scooter culture and provide a mechanism through which scooter clubs and groups can get together for rides, games and social events. Rallies have been around for nearly as long as scooters have, and come in a broad assortment of sizes and styles: camping rallies, city rallies, country rallies, beach rallies, mountain rallies and more. We believe our rally is a great combination!

The Three Mile Island Scooter Club hosted its first “Meltdown” camping rally in 2004. Each year the rally has grown in attendance and fun. The event is now held on the banks of the beautiful Conodoguinet Creek in Camp Hill Pennsylvania, somewhat isolated, yet minutes from the bright lights of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital city. The campground is also just minutes away from the beautiful mountain lanes of rural Perry County where our major group ride takes place.

This years Meltdown, we plan on entertaining scooter guests with a splendid camp site, terrific rides, great food and fabulous bands. In addition, we will find time to throw in our own unique brand of scooter games and contests. All scooterist and scooters are cordially invited.

If you plan on attending, please do our club, and yourself, a big favor by pre-registering. Pre-registration will save you money and will allow us to do a better job of planning for your good time. Click on *Register to check out our refund policy.

Rally Artwork

From 2004 until 2014, 100% of the TMISC artwork, from our logo design to the current rally poster, T-shirt and patch, has been created by David Ciccocioppo (aka David Chico). David is a graphic artist who is the creative director at Redroc Austin, a full-service advertising agency located in Austin, TX. From the beginning, David’s posters, T-shirts and patches have been an integral part of the scooter club and the Meltdown.

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